Thursday, February 15, 2007

No. 3

Books. The true beauty and something that can make us crying or grinning. Not only are they reliable and trusworthy but also adamant and always say truth. The never lie and don't know the word ,,hipocrisy". A word of passion, adventure, compassion, love and hatred. True friends who are always at hand, always near, always the same. But can let you down if the story is dreary, there are too many cliches or the ending is not as we expected.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

No. 2

Ever since I remember I spent my holidays by the seaside. That time there was peacefull, calm and serene. In my mind the sea and all the memories connected to it are a secluded place which won't be spoilt by anythig. The smell of a salty water, the touch of a warm sand, bright and smooth stones, shiny waves. When I'll be dying I will be having two pictures under my eyelids- of which one will be the sea.

No 1.

What the true beauty is? Is it something that we adore or simply like? Or maybe the matter that is importand to us? Or something that we love? Or we just like to look at it? Touch, smell and taste? Yes, senses.. But to me beauty, a true beauty is something that makes us feel smiling. That, when thinking about it, reminds us of happiness and creates a warm feeling in our souls. Sheer joy.

I would like to write here about things that I love. That are the brightest part of my life.